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Stone Masonry Walls

Stone walls are a natural and elegant choice for your landscaping and garden design. These walls not only add beauty to your home’s surroundings but also increase the value of your property. You can get the best Stone walls services in North Shore, MA Atlantic Masonry Boston Inc.

As a homeowner, you want to ensure that your house is safe and secure. And one of the ways you can do that is by installing a stone wall. Stone walls are generally used for decorative purposes, but they’re also used for security.

Stone walls have a long history of being used in residential and commercial construction. This is because of the many benefits that these walls provide. Walls made of stones offer a unique look and feel compared to the usual concrete or wood.

Stone walls are also resistant to damage caused by water or fire. They have a natural insulation feature suitable for keeping heat or cool air inside a building.

When looking for a professional to install stone walls, Atlantic Masonry Boston Inc. is the best company you can hire. We offer residential and commercial stone walls services in Swampscott, MA.

Stair Service

Stairs are part of your daily life. They are everywhere: at home, in the office, at work, and in public spaces like schools, hospitals, or hotels. And they provide access to higher levels or rooms. Staircases are as essential as they are attractive. That’s why you need to know how to make a perfect choice of material. The primary function of concrete stairs is to connect different floors and levels.

Staircase installation is a specialized service requiring experience, knowledge, and expertise in craftsmanship. There are many different styles of staircases, and who can use many other materials. The building codes rate staircases as either residential or commercial. Concrete stairs are an excellent choice for homeowners who want to install a beautiful and durable addition to their home without the undue burden on their budget.


For a well-maintained and organized property, you need to provide walkways for easy access to different places. Proper walkways not only add beauty to your property but also add value to your property. In addition, it helps you in keeping the area clean and thereby provides a healthful environment.

It is an integral part of a property, which looks better and attractive with walkways. For adding more beauty to the property landscape, a walkway is a vital part. There are many pathways or walkways for various purposes that are available in the market. These types of walkways come in different styles, designs, and materials.

Walkways and pavements are essential for your home and commercial properties. They provide a safe route for your family and guests and also improve the look of your property. If you need the best walkway services, call us today! We offer professional walkway services for residential and commercial properties. Call us at (781) 771-0198

Concrete Driveways Service In North Shore Area.

Among the concrete projects offered by Atlantic Masonry Boston Inc. driveways are one of the most popular projects for our clients. Over the years, we have built a reputation for providing high-quality asphalt and concrete work. A large part of that is due to the satisfaction we receive from our customers.

We are a company with more than 16 years of experience. As a leader in the driveways industry, we provide the best services for your driveways. We have built our reputation on superior craftsmanship, attention to detail, and excellent customer care.

Having driveways in your home or business can be necessary; it can also be a style element. The primary purpose of your driveways is to provide access to your home and connect to other utilities. We offer many services for driveways depending on the needs of your project.

Masonry Service Near You

If you’re looking for professional masonry services near you in Swampscott, MA, then look no further than Atlantic Masonry Boston Inc. Our areas of Expertise: Brick & Stone Flatwork – Repair, Brick, Stone or Block Wall – Repair, Interlocking Pavers for Patios, Walks & Steps – Install or Replace, Lawn Care – Fall / Spring Clean Up, Shrubs – Trim or Remove and mores.

Our team has been working with local businesses and homeowners for years to provide dependable and affordable Masonry services that will have your spaces looking best! Schedule an appointment today by calling us at (781) 771-0198

Retaining Wall

Retaining walls are a great way to enhance the beauty and value of your home. Retaining walls are structures built to retain soil or masonry designed to keep the sides of cut rock or earth slopes intact. These walls are either free-standing or placed against an existing structure such as a building, hillside, embankment wall, etc.

When you decide to build a retaining wall, you have two choices: DIY or hire a professional. If you’re going to make it yourself, you need to understand what you’re doing and what factors can affect the outcome (weather, season, and building codes). Retaining walls aren’t as simple as they appear. You have to understand the math behind a retaining wall to ensure that it will work for your situation.

We Build Commercial Retaining Walls In North Shore, MA

Do you like to understand everything about your options before you make a final decision? A retaining wall installed by Atlantic Masonry Boston Inc. in North Shore, MA is an excellent choice for anyone who wants top-of-the-line workmanship, higher quality materials, and an unbeatable guarantee. Our professionals will help you pick out the perfect wall for your residential or commercial property — no one does it better!

If your property is on a hill, you’ll be familiar with water and erosion problems. If your house has many levels, or if your business is in an industrial or commercial area, you could find that muddy water flows down the hill and makes a mess of everything. Retaining walls keep the water on your property so that it doesn’t affect neighboring homes or businesses.

Concrete Patios And Firepits In North Shore, MA

In the past couple of years, concrete patios have become the most popular type of patio by far. They are durable and offer a vibrant appearance to your home. Concrete patios are also low maintenance and will typically last 15 to 25 years before they need to be re-sealed. We can do patios in almost any shape or size; we can even add a fire pit for those cozy nights by the fire.

At Atlantic Masonry Boston Inc, we understand that yards are more than a place for children to play. They are an extension of the family’s personality. For that reason, we take every measure to ensure that we’re not just building the yard you want but building the yard you need. We are committed to taking care of your yard and garden and making it the most charming and inviting part of your home. The best way to achieve this is to work in close collaboration with you. We’ll take the time during the planning stage. Together we will come up with a design that fits into your budget and suits your needs.

Lack of outdoor space is considered a big problem in urban areas. We believe the key is knowing how to use the space creatively. With Atlantic Masonry Boston Inc., we are more than just a landscaping team; we are your full-service construction company. Every day we work hard to build and create fire pits that will last for years to come. We are the best in the business! Call us today at (781) 771-0198 to receive a free estimate

Residential And Commercial Pavers Service

Driveways, parking lots, and parking spaces are essential for residential homeownership. They are also an integral part of commercial properties that need to be designed and constructed with the same quality and durability. Our team has the proper knowledge and experience to ensure that who will build your driveway or parking lot to withstand the wear and tear that comes with it properly.

The professional pavers contractors at Atlantic Masonry Boston Inc. offer asphalt services for residential and commercial properties in North Shore, MA area. The company has provided residential and commercial parking lot paving, driveway sealing, patching, repair, and sports field maintenance and construction in business since 2006.

If you are looking for the best in asphalt, you’ve come to the right place. Our goal is to provide you with professional results and personal service. We employ only the best-trained technicians to ensure that your job will be done right, on time, and within your budget.

Veneer Stone Installation

It’s hard to match the look of quality stone veneer. From its transportive styles, shapes and color combinations to the effortless appeal it lends to a home, natural stone veneer is the refined touch for any interior or exterior.

It is important to consider a reputable company for projects involving this type of material. At Atlantic Masonry Boston Inc. we are certified stone veneers, this gives you the confidence about our work, we constantly improve our knowledge, we are up to date on trends in order to provide the best service possible.

Do not hesitate to contact us at (781) 771-0198, we are toll free, it will be a pleasure to serve you.